Sunday, January 4, 2009

ecology – economy

When I look out over the landscape of South End New Bedford and similar urban village centers, I see plenty of untapped economic potential related to these environments. Often I see underutilized properties with investment potential particularly for the not-too-big owner-investor. Instead of building a dream home with deep impacts on its natural setting, a fascinating building project today involves adding to or rebuilding a nucleus to live. This is what we call smart growth investing. Unique to mixed-use is the ability incorporate income potential with one’s home; a new type of dream house.

Since today’s jobs often include working from home, the choice to live, work, play, and shop all within a few blocks or a very short car ride offers an authentic community lifestyle. Imagine marketing a fantastic neighborhood like the South End of New Bedford to small productive businesses involving the internet, technical solutions, research and management that could chose to locate both home and office all within a walk-able, ocean front, european atmosphere and clearly hip neighborhood. The South Coast has excellent business networks that offer venues for entrepreneurs to discuss strategies unique to the small productive business. Consider the value a bus route adds, and the need for the train connections. The village produces an exceptionally rich lifestyle; one worth serious promotion to long-time residents and newcomers alike.

It seems people seek to build their dreams, and the vision of the green home is gaining a lot of interest. The urban village center is the ideal place to work out this dream. The LEED rating system awards points for locating in established neighborhoods and reusing existing buildings. Points in the game of life are also given for contributing to a community; socially, economically, and ecologically. Construction projects are the experience of a lifetime, and precious investment dollars require a team effort and value driven plans. Be prepared that design services and consultation will reduce costs and increase value. Be inspired to do no less than take back our economy and invigorate free enterprise to restore stability and construct our future way of life.

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