Saturday, March 7, 2009

We Get Around

This photo is a stretch of Rte 122A in Grafton, Massachusetts that links two ends of a mill village. We just submitted a proposal to work on streetscape, engineering, and planning to bring this village together. This is one of those landscapes where I look out and see opportunity at the community-scale. It is pocket to be developed. See earlier post
We partnered with Thompson-Farland,, a New Bedford engineering firm, and Community Design Partnership (see ) in Boston. 
This a great Smart Growth Project, and it would be fantastic if we all got to work together on this sustainable site.

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  1. Working at the community-scale has required thousands of volunteer hours, and as small business owners we know first hand the issues faced by other business and property owners. Unfortunately the contract for streetscape design services was awarded to a large planning and engineering firm operating in 11 states. According to their web site the firm is involved in "some of the nation's most complex infrastructure and development initiatives", and it is hard to see the connection to village.