Friday, September 25, 2009

Recycling Everyday

Recycling has been a daily practice in the construction of the townhouses. This photo shows roof tiles saved from the original side parapets now  capping new parapets.

Other recycling has included:
- use of leftover flat roof insulation in the rear bumpout walls.
 - donation of leftover insulation from the EIFS to an area cultural group (see results).
- use of shipping panel from metal siding as a ceiling soffit.
- mixing paint leftovers to create the color and amount of paint needed for small areas.
- contractors putting drink bottles and cans in the recycle bin!
- cardboard packaging put out on the curb.
- all raw wood has been separated for wood stoves.

Throughout the construction of the townhouses, a dumpster has not been on-site. All construction debris has been transported as needed in the back of a hatchback, making the recycling  even more useful and practical.

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