Saturday, December 12, 2009

Heating System Turns On

This past week the heating and air conditioning system was turned on. From the neighborhood, very clued up, KD Heating and Air Conditioning brought the LG LMU185HV air to air heat pumps online. Ken DeMelo and Kris DeMelo are participating contractors in the CoolSmart program and are very in-tune to efficient hvac systems. This install is now being monitored for performance in the townhouses which are essentially a completely sealed foam box (integrated to a rigid frame of course).
The primary observation is that a room temperature in the low sixties feels completely and satisfyingly warm because there are zero drafts. 

Outdoor Condensor Units (one per townhouse)

Concealed Ducted Units for three bedroom spaces (same both units)

Wall Mounted Unit for central living area (same both units)

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