Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recycle Everyday - Part 2

At least 40 five-gallon buckets containing either joint compound or paint were consumed on the job. Meg Hebert of the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District  directed me to A.W. Martin, Inc. to get these buckets recycled. I was told to be sure the buckets were relatively clean, and that took an hour of effort. When dropping off the buckets, I got an enthusiastic response from all of the staff and the comment that more builders should think about recycling. 
Sorting the trash always rewards me with less trash to pay to dispose of, and it is meaningful to produce less waste. The amount of cardboard and foam on this job is huge, and it would be pointless to cart any of it to the disposal site. Here's a link to my approach to reusing polystyrene . See earlier post Part 1