Friday, August 20, 2010

"It's a Beehive!"

A couple times while working on the project, I was told the building was a beehive. I think the beehive is represented in the density and the opportunity it creates for constant activity in the ecoNewBedford mixed-use building. Plus the nooks and crannies used to affect the mass of the building also give an impression of a beehive.

The townhouses have been called "livable housing", which is the result of a stylish and flexible design. The low-cost minimalism has a sophisticated effect with sparseness being "all you need." Amenities of energy efficiency, income potential, and outdoor patios nestled in the trees gives the units the livable qualities that quickly took them off the market! (see slideshow) These units are not your "grandmother's apartment" or your "college rental."

We are now looking forward to completing and occupying the remaining commercial space so the building really hums.

The plaster relief model shown above titled "Selfless Labor" was created by Arcangelo Cascieri, dean of the Boston Architectural College 1943-1947.

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