Thursday, March 3, 2011

Revival of the Mom and Pop !

The center store has been developed for a limited food service - such as gourmet coffee and ice cream plus soups and salads - see previous posting.
Throughout construction of the townhouses two commercial spaces remained vacant but always active with construction. Materials were worked on here and stored here. Even though we would have moved out for an incoming business, the unfinished shell was unable to attract potential business.

A strategy developed, though, to prep the space with intentions to make it more turnkey for the opening of a new business. An approach described as Frugal Design is being used to make this space uniquely appealing and satisfying. Getting past the many hurdles of constructing a new space is not for every new business owner. With this space available and assistance from NBEDC, it is just a matter of time to attract a determined and creative entrepreneur.

Contact Us if you have an interest in this business opportunity or would like design assistance in developing a property. Professional design skills are essential to getting the most out of a property investment.

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