Thursday, June 23, 2011

Center Cafe Opens

Last week the dream of a neighborhood Cafe on this busy corner was finally realized ! As written about in earlier posts - the Cafe gets its vibe from modern frugal simplicity and the local residents and visitors who fill it. Sometimes jokingly referred to as the Serenity Cafe - its being called the "Center Cafe" - being in the center of the building (aka "center bay") , center of the peninsula, and a center for life. Open morning to night. See
Local artist Nick Melo is displaying eight paintings, our coffee is Equal Exchange, our ice cream comes from Bliss Brother's Dairy, and the menu offers "real food". Three neighbors keep things running unbelievably smooth. The challenge of this entire project is now expressed in this goodness. The role of experienced design in business development should not be underestimated (read more at alternativearchitecture. Thank you "eco" New Bedford.

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